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If your website is your shop window, then consider your SEO strategy the roadmap that brings customers to your door. When you are creating your website, there is so much to think about. You need to strike that fine balance between engaging content that really speaks to customers, and data-driven SEO that helps your site stand out online.
Your content needs to be driven by data and in-depth research. Then based on those insights you need to weave together a story that connects with consumers and differentiates you from the competition as well as creating a clear user journey throughout the site. 
Our expert website content writers will take your brand to the next level online by tailoring web content to the specific needs of your brand and helping you connect with potential customers.

Website content writing services


Content Creation

Our website content writing services always start with data. It gives us insights into what your consumers look for, so we can create a content strategy that answers consumers’ pain points.
Our SEO content creation and advanced marketing techniques create an engaging and persuasive website that takes consumers on a journey, answers their doubts and leads them to take action.
And our team of journalists and content writers are great at getting to the bottom of what your brand is all about, asking the right questions so we can truly represent what makes you unique and tell your story. 

Sarah Gordon, branding and editorial specialist

“Anyone can write nice web content. It becomes effective when it is based on a deep understanding of your brand and what your consumers look for.”


SEO content is king

Our singular approach to copywriting combines editorial best practices with cutting-edge marketing techniques and extensive SEO knowledge, specifically: 
Original content that flies straight past plagiarism checkers
Superior grammar 
Specific, well-positioned SEO organic keywords, always integrated seamlessly into the content. 
Meta content with SEO organic keywords to facilitate search engine crawling, indexing and ranking.
Writing that is engaging and persuasive, writing that converts.

Web content tailored to you

At SGContent, we offer six different web content writing packages so you can find the perfect one to combine with your budget and meet all of your brand goals. Whether you want a short, impactful landing page, or a site that takes readers on a journey, developing a wide range of services or diving deep into important issues, we will make it happen. 


Our unique approach begins with a thorough interview, wherein our goal is to intimately understand your brand so we can create a singular content and SEO strategy. We guide you step by step through the entire process, so you know exactly what goes into building your brand. 

Unbelievably positive experience! My content and requirements were very difficult and complex. Sarah and her team are fantastic professionals and they dove into my vision and mission. They absorbed the information I provided them and gave my website the content lift it needed! I would highly recommend Sarah and her team for all your content needs. They even wrote a video script for me! Great job Sarah and team...I will be back to ask for more assistance on future endeavors.

Matthew Glover, web content, hire us by Fiverr PRO.

Sarah and team - You guys have done an excellent job on the content writing for my project. Extremely satisfied with your work. I wanted someone to understand my requirements and my business before writing the content. You guys NAILED IT! I will be reaching out to you for all of my upcoming projects.

Bigmo83, web content, hire us by Fiverr PRO

Frequently asked questions

Do I need my website design or web content first?

we don't need the website or a confirmed design to create the content. The ideal way to work is to analyse what you need from your site first, we then collaborate with you to outline the key pages you need and then create the written content. That way the designer will get inspired by the concept, and the programmer can use our content as a guideline.

Let's work together on your content creation 

We'd love to discuss your content project and see how we can help your brand stand out from the crowd.

Contact us at hi@SGContent.co or check us out on Fiverr pro

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