The Brand Story:


Moments that build memories 
Blossomerry is about shared giggles and special moments, 
It is about savouring that special bond between parent and baby. 
A celebration of unconditional love.
Because your little ones deserve beautiful, soft clothing,
So they can grow and explore wrapped in the highest quality materials
And explore a world we have done all we can to protect.
New mother Olga founded and dedicated Blossomerry to her daughter,
A love letter in beautiful fabrics, elegant styles and eco-friendly materials.
It was born of a first motherhood experience, clouded by post-partum depression.
And inspired by the joy found in searching out lovely clothes for her little one.
Day by day, week by week, she found the positivity she needed to fight the depression.
And so, she decided to found Blossomerry, to bring a little joy to parents everywhere.
Sourcing functional and beautiful clothing
That looks after both our little ones and the planet.
And that brings a smile to faces as we create precious memories together.
The result is a selection of carefully curated eco-friendly and sustainable clothes,
And topped off with a signature line designed with a local Northern California artist.
Blossomerry is a love letter to children everywhere.
From parents who love unconditionally.

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