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Press release writing service

The art of the press release

Finding your story

At SGContent, we don’t just write press releases. We work closely with our clients to hand-select stories that are unique to them. We then develop these stories and write them in an engaging way to pique journalists’ interests and get them involved in promoting your brand to wider audiences. Our expertise in press release writing services comes from the head of the agency, a newspaper journalist and editor with over a decade of experience writing for leading publications across the US, UK and Australia. She can spot stories where others can’t, and develop them in a way that makes them irresistible. We work with the leading PR agencies and brands around the world to help them develop singular, engaging press releases that never fail to capture the attention of journalists and the public alike.

Your external copywriters

At SGContent, you can use our press release writing services a la carte, as you need them. Whether you need to launch a new brand or you want to maintain monthly releases so that you can always make sure your most exciting stories are out there for the world to see, you can trust us to produce your superior content.

Great work, and beautifully written.

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