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At SGContent, we are an experienced team of web content writers who know precisely how to craft persuasive and engaging copy, combining it with the perfect amount of strong SEO research to ensure the best results. With our SEO and copywriting expertise driving your content, you are ensuring more traffic for your site in the form of customers who are ready to take action. 

Our team of expert copywriters has commercial experience working with notable brands around the world. All of our content is written for maximum impact and combined with meticulous SEO keyword research and metadata. This is especially important in product descriptions, or descriptions of services, the final place your visitors will look before they choose to buy or move on to another site.

E-commerce content writing services

When it comes to your e-commerce site, good content means more sales. But there is more to good content than simply listing attributes. You need to have the right SEO keywords so consumers looking for products like yours can find you.  Then you need engaging content that takes consumers on a journey and answers all their pain points, presenting your product as a solution. Finally, it also needs to be informative, directly answering all of your customers’ questions, so they don’t have to look elsewhere for information about a product or service that you sell. 

We take a holistic approach to your e-commerce site, creating a positive user experience by writing both your website content and product descriptions and putting together packages so that you can be sure you have all the quality content you need to get your e-commerce site up and running.  

Bespoke e-commerce services

We tailor our e-commerce content writing and SEO services to your specific needs. We have the team power and ability to work on sites of all sizes, even in the most complex e-commerce operations. Our approach is never one-size-fits-all. We begin by working closely with you to understand the nuances of your brand, as well as the hopes and dreams you have for your company. We then devise a unique SEO and content strategy to drive traffic to your site, increase your search engine ranking, create sustained growth and ultimately increase your revenue.


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